Who We Are

Since 2004, the name Eyepower has been synonymous with comprehensive optometry services and stylish, designer eyewear.

We are passionate about helping our customers' maintain optimal eye health, and our consultation rooms are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. Our optometrists use a retinal camera, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) techniques, as well as a visual field machine to help diagnose eye conditions with the maximum accuracy, and prescribe the most appropriate eyewear.

Because we have our very own dispensing workshop, equipped with the latest lens-edging technology, we are able to craft the most appropriate lenses for your specific vision needs.

To find out more about our services, or arrange a booking at our Tahmoor optometry practice, contact Eyepower today!

Our History

Emad Abdelmalek, the proprietors of Eyepower, opened the first practice in 2004 at the Tahmoor Town Centre, which was moved next door to a newer shop in 2014.

Since being founded, Eyepower has gone from strength to strength and is renowned for providing compassionate and comprehensive services to help clients maintain good eye health. Our practices are integrated with the latest optometry technology, including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machines, visual field testing equipment and Fundus cameras. Our Tahmoor eyecare professionals always ensure our customers receive practical advice and support.
Front Store — Eye Health Services in Tahmoor, NSW

Our Staff

  • Emad Abdelmalek - Optical Dispenser / Owner
  • Mariam Abdelmalek - Trainee Optical Dispenser
  • Holme Bui - Optometrist
  • Judith Irvine - Optometrist